Dawn of brighter questionsAny philosophical questions bothering you? If so, contact Stephen on his email –, and he will endeavour to give you an interesting answer. WARNING: There is no guarantee that this answer would be the one you expected or hoped for.


(i) Can we decide which ethics an ‘ethical’ foreign policy must observe?

(ii) Is time of the essence?

Please send proper questions or messages only (advertising, etc., would be a complete waste of time, and will be ignored). Remember to include an address (email or postal as convenient) if you want a reply.


2 thoughts on “questions

    • First, thanks for a good question which I have thought about for some time. My radical suggestion is to try to employ direct democratic methods to settle the issue – very difficult in practice because of framing a simple question for a referendum, for instance. But otherwise we are stuck with the conflict between ‘national interest’ which includes jobs and security of ordinary people (a moral imperative in itself) and wider ethical concerns, often about the company we keep which can be a very practical issue. It’s an excellent example of what the philosophers call moral tragedy, i.e, conflicting moral obligations.
      Second, Akismet let this through which is encouraging. But now I’ve got to look into why most of my links suddenly don’t seem to be working!

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