Ethics and Radical Freedom – Facebook page for Stephen’s book
Thinking Out – Stephen talking on YouTube
Institute of Ideas – stretching boundaries of public debate
Centre for Applied Philosophy Politics and Ethics – applied philosophy at Brighton University
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Oxford Philosophical Society
Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry – study of ethics linked to globalisation
Centre for the Study of Global Ethics
Globalisation Studies Groningen – interdisciplinary institute for study of globalisation
Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
The Wisdom Page
Society for Women in Philosophy UK
Darwin at LSE – developments in evolutionary thinking
Jurgen Habermas – summary of career and bibliography
Roger Scruton – conservative and controversial philosopher, writer, and composer
Simon Blackburn Interview
Charles Taylor – contact and short bibliography
Discussion Forums – including sciences and social sciences
The Philosophy Forum
American Philosophical Practitioners Association – philosophical counselling training and accreditation
The Society for Philosophy in Practice
CHANGESTAR – sustainable and just world
The British Humanist Association – good life without religion
Rebecca Kiessling Conceived in rape / Pro-life speaker
Sinpermiso – Radical left centre for ideas and debate
World Transhumanist Association (Humanity+)
Charter for Compassion
Health Managers
Assert (Brighton and Hove) – Aspurgers’ charity
Strive – Supporting Families coping with autism
Temple Grandin’s Official Autism Site
Aspire mentoring – Support for autism and Aspurgers
National Autistic Society – Leading UK autism charity
UK Synaesthesia Association – resources on ‘union of the senses’
contact lens – compare online stores
cheap contact lenses – gallery with online shopping for prescription lenses
contacts America – discount lenses direct to public
discount contact lenses – all major brands at euroLens
TED Ideas worth spreading
Sprott’s Fractal Gallery – mathematical artwork
OpenDemocracy – invites contributions and ideas on topical issues
Institute of Nanotechnology – information, training and resources
PositiveMoney – campaign for positive solution to debt crisis
The Future Cities Project – development and controversy
The Venus Project – building a resource economy
Jordans – Information about shoes, interests and entertainment
Throwbackguy – Cheap NFL, NHL, NBA & MLB basketball jerseys
artistic and autistic – artist overcoming autism
artist – ordinary life turned strange

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