Watch this space

If Professor Brian Cox is correct that the universe is fated to fade out in entropy, the obvious message we can draw would seem to be to make the best of things now while we can. But are we doing that? We have yet to reach the stage of being able to consult machine intelligences for advice and guidance, but current performance of both American and British political classes (not to mention the various war zones) suggests that perhaps we should be hoping for Artificial Intelligence support.

If the politicians are serious about uniting us in the new UK/European scene, the obvious solution for Britain would be a coalition headed by Andrea Leadsom and Jack McDonnell to open cooperation with everyone from Erdogan to Trump in transforming global capitalism so as to reconcile free trade with controlling migration and social inequality. In case this task appears just a little formidable, it would be so comforting if the wisdom of machine intelligence were already available to provide advice and support. Watch this space as Professor Cox watches his.


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