Bulls and Big Brains

Let us imagine Met Office weather reports as stock market reports…come on, cheer up, we’ve got a raging bull market here instead of a bear market…
– Scotland rainfall in November to January smashed through the psychological 800 barrier, setting a new all-time high of 854.2
– December smashed its 356-year-old Central England record to hit a new high of 9.7; just 0.4 behind November’s all-time high set in 1994
– Global temperatures in 2015 powered ahead to a new record, a hefty 0.18 above 2014 and 0.75 above the long run average. We look set to beat that again for 2016.
Exciting stuff.

The recent study by Dr. Abelson of Stanford University highlights the point that big brains can easily turn into expensive liabilities, especially for small animals. Yet, having used our brains to work into the unholy mess shown up by any global news report, may I suggest our only chance is to start actually using our big brains? Or, failing that, design AIs which make more of their intelligence than we do?


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