welcome to Stephen’s homepage

Visitors are most welcome to wander around Stephen’s ideas on philosophy, and ethics in particular, which are the basis of this website. For those of you who feel inclined to shorter visits, Speakers Corner fires out epigrams and one-liners (short and not so sweet), whilst Short Philosophy also keeps things short. Those with opportunity to wander might like to try Stephen’s Varied Essay Scene and his philosophical dialogues.

Stephen tells more about himself and his experiences, together with short descriptions of his two books, in his Personal Story. An additional list of relevant people and societies (covering both philosophical and health matters) is available on Stephen’s Fascinating Links Page.
Warning: 1. These links do not necessarily reflect Stephen’s own opinions or ideas, but they are – well, links. 2. Don’t forget that Stephen tends this site on a regular basis, like his flat, and so revisitors should not be surprised to find changes or additions from time to time.

Last, but not least, you are invited to get involved in Stephen’s little Inquisition page. My thanks are due to the people who first helped me get into this business of making my own website and are still doing great work on helping local charities and community groups in the Brighton area with their IT service, the Sussex Community Internet Project, as well as to Tom Coady, who redesigned the site to include a blog.